About us

Jupiter Services(JS), established in the year of 1981, is rich in experience, with respect to manufacturing,marketing of various Products & Services, as well as Asset(Equipment) Maintenance and Management.

We ventured into building an enterprise solution based on the company's vast experience with the ability to customize with respect to client specification that would enable any Small & Medium Enterprise to completely automize and integrate its business with effective cost control, monitoring business parameters(top to bottom) and various reports to analyze business trends, improve profitability & grow businesses.

Overall turnover of group companies exceeds 70 Crores.

The IT team consists of a group of 20 persons dedicated to provide support for all software modules.


Our vision incorporates a commitment and dedication to core values and business principles that reinforce a healthy team spirit.

Our aim is To be a leader in providing indigenously developed IT solutions to small and medium enterprises in India


To provide product & services which help our customers grow their profits through implementing our IT Solution.