Protect share holder interests.
  Multiple business functionality.
  Multiple branch functionality.
  Effective planning, implementation. & monitoring of all business functions.

  Effective cost control.

  Real time data.

  Management of financial capital.

  Management of human resource.

  Compliance to Statutes.

Jupsoft - Advantages

  ERP, that can be customized (if required) to improve the clients’ business processes.

  Seamless Integration of CRM, Sales, Inventory, Procurement, Service, Financial Accounting and HRM Modules, also available as standalone modules .

  Cost control & monitoring at every step of organizational operation.

  Cost effective solution considering the connectivity/bandwidth issues faced in emerging markets.

  Built on a MS SQL server platform, using the dot net developer tool, hence operates on a windows environment with easy installation.

  User friendly solution for quick adaptability from existing legacy systems.

  Very competitive on commercial agreements and a large basket to choose from.

  Real time data with independent business unit-wise inventory files.

  You can also see, in real time, what's going on in your workplace via our business intelligence.

  Effective software support backup.

  Support available on line 24X7.